Sunday, September 25, 2005

Too fast? Too hot? Too wimpy?

Went on a long run with Christopher this morning - out and back at the Durham American Tobacco Trail, adding the Riddle Road spur. Our goal was 16 - stretch goal was to go longer if we felt up to it. He wanted to run at marathon pace for a few miles, so I demurred. We ran at pace on the spur on the way back, which is about mile 11.

Felt fine until that surge. Went slower after getting back on the main trail, but I felt fatigued. Then, I simply ran out of gas about .75 mile from the finish. Just simply ran out of gas. Heart rate was around 165 - it took a while to recover after I got back to the car and started sipping Gatorade.

This is annoyingly similar to what happened last weekend during my long run at Hanes with Christopher and Eric. Ran out of gas just before the finish.

What was common to both episodes?
  • It was warm (70s)
  • It was humid (90%)
  • I went faster than I would have preferred
  • I wore a hat that didn't breathe

I'm going to have to run the long runs slower - the goal is to finish! I've got 20 miles coming up next weekend - I need to finish it.

Need to eat more protein for recovery - so, for the first time since 1983, I'm going to add chicken to my diet until after the Richmond Marathon.

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