Friday, September 02, 2005

17 tomorrow, and then we head west

I'll run 17 tomorrow, swapping next week's scheduled mileage for this week's scheduled recovery because I'll be at Camp Rockmont next weekend with my son. It will be my longest long run since I trained for Disney in 2003.

Christopher and I had a good Yasso workout yesterday. Times 7 @ around 3:40, an easy mile on either end. Christopher cannot join me tomorrow because he's traveling to Dallas to visit his ailing father. Eric may join me tomorrow - I e-mailed him what I planned to do but I haven't heard back from him.

After the run, the family willl pack up and head to Salisbury to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Then it's off to the mountains for a Labor Day vacation. This despite $3.50 gasoline and the governor advising against unnecessary travel. It's not as though this is an impulsive trip - we'd been planning it for weeks. The kids have never seen the mountains. Question is, how available will gas be in the western part of the state?

As I write this, I have live video streaming in from WWL TV in New Orleans. No matter how sore I feel after a long run, no matter how stressful it gets at work, no matter how hectic it can get at home, no matter how high gas prices get, it pales to the horror that those folks are living through. We suffered through Fran, but Fran was a picnic compared to Katrina.


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