Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The True Genius of This Nation

I was 12 years old when Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed. I was too young to appreciate what he was saying to the American people, or to understand his vision for our country. But even at that young age, I could sense that he was different from the other candidates for President. The crowds who gathered to hear him seemed younger and more engaged than those who cheered for the other candidates. His words flowed naturally - they sounded like poetry compared to those of Humphrey or Nixon or any of the others.

As I matured, I could reflect on what Bobby Kennedy said during that campaign of 1968 and recognize what our country lost when he was killed. And over time, I wondered whether we'd ever see someone like him again.

Today I read Barack Obama's speech on race. On YouTube, I watched him give it. The text is a work of art. Its delivery is as moving as a sermon. Its message rings true. If we are to achieve the more perfect union our founding fathers envisioned, we must accept the challenges it poses.

Our country has another chance.

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