Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Here are my running stats for 2007:

Total miles: 1664.7
Average weekly mileage: 32
Highest weekly mileage: 42.5 miles the week of 1/22/07, preparing for Myrtle Beach
Lowest weekly mileage: 20.5 miles the week of 10/8/07 - I was participating in a Concept 2 rowing challenge at work
Longest streak of 30+ miles: 9 weeks, 6/18/07 through 8/20/07 - didn't run 30+ the week of 8/20 because that's when I started work at SAS. In fact, the period from 4/9 through 8/20, I had only one week with fewer than 30 miles - 29.8 the week of 6/11. I think I was busy with job search activities that week. Between 4/9 and the end of the year, I had only 6 weeks with fewer than 30 miles, and one of those was the week of the City of Oaks Half Marathon, where I ran a new PR of 1:51:52.

Today I'm battling a cold. Ran 4 yesterday in the neighborhood to finish out the year - boring because I had to loop around so many times to get the distance. Trying to decide whether I'm going to go out today.

Happy 2008!

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