Sunday, July 15, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know

Today I got e-mail from an old friend inviting me to be his friend on Facebook. I accepted the invitation.

Several hours later, I finally stopped tweaking my own Facebook page. I had inserted cross references to this blog. I had uploaded photos from my last two marathons. I had joined a regional network. I could have kept going but the sun was going down and I felt a need to attend to important things in 3-D space.

My cyberspace presence thus expanded, I return to this blog to attempt to record my thoughts about creating a Facebook page.

On the one hand, it feels terribly self-indulgent. Now everyone in the Raleigh-Durham Facebook network can discover that I like the Beatles. That I'm a serious runner. They can see what books I've read recently. They can read these blog entries. Big deal.

On the other, it might lead to like-minded individuals contacting me and sharing information of mutual interest. It might start a correspondence. Spark a potential business venture. Lead to an actual meeting in 3-D space. Who knows what?

My wife is profoundly skeptical of blogs, Facebook entires, and the like. She reveals herself to others in real time in the real world on her terms.

I, more trusting of cyberspace, maybe foolishly so, take the risk.

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