Sunday, December 17, 2006

Running fast!

Saturday, I ran a little over 12 in Umstead in 1:50:06. My average pace was 9'03." For five one-mile splits, my time was under 9 minutes!

This in Umstead!

It helped that it was cool and the humidity was low. It helped that I dressed correctly for the weather, which started off in the 40s but quickly got warmer.

But I think what helped the most were the changes I made in my diet since the summer and the fact that now I weigh 165 instead of 185.

Last week I ran 16.3 in Umstead and my average pace was 9'40." My course included the Turkey Creek Trail, which is like a roller coaster.

On 12/2, I ran over 15 with Christopher at the ATT in 2:15:34. My GPS malfunctioned, but that makes my calculated average pace 8'38"!

Should I register for the Myrtle Beach Marathon?

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Lauren said...

Hey I came over from spark to take a peak (silencepainter).

Congrats on the running times, and your weight loss!

Michael Harvey said...